Finished Octopus!

Awwwww! I think this is the most amazing creation I have ever made! It’s so cute! All I need now are the safety eyes. I hope I can get them soon. Then I can make it even cuter! I hope everyone likes it!

photo (8)  TADA!


So for the crochet seal project I’m thinking of making, I definitely love this color for it! So I’m going to crochet the seal. This post is to make up for friday because, well it was the weekend people! Just kidding. Give me your feedback on the yarn.





So this is what i’m working on today. It’s going to be an octopus with purple spots! It is going to be adorable! I hope you guys will like the finished product.

Finished project + New Project = Awesome!


photo 1 (1)


So this is the finished headband! I absolutely love how it turned out. I adore the little flower!

photo 2 (1)

And this is- shhh- my mother’s day gift to my mom. I know I know it’ll be a super late present but I did tell her it would be late way before I started it so she’s cool with it!

Almost done!

Hey! I’m almost done with the headband. I had to restart with my original color but I  think I did the restart pretty amazingly!

photo (5)

I hope you guys like it!




I’m finally starting my headband. When I actually started it, I used blue+green+dark green+light blue. The next one was thick and coral colored and I think I worked best with it. Then I worked with the white yarn which is the one at the top. (Well duh, Yoru, I think they can see)

New Yarn

OMG! I am so happy! My grandmother and I went all around town today looking for the needles and yarn for the class! It was extremely fun. I have a Red Heart Kids blue green scan and a Bernat Roving pink scan.

photo 2                                                                                                                         photo 1